21 life changing vaseline hacks


Vaseline hacks 

One of the most affordable things is petroleum jelly, which is also called a drugstore staple. The establishment of the vaseline jelly from 1859, which means it has been over 160 years since establishment.

So now we just talk about vaseline hacks, which are affordable and useful.

1) Soothe dry heels 

    One of the biggest problems faced by women is dry heels or maybe aching just because of heels. Then it becomes a mantra for them to work for their heels. It includes petroleum jelly, which will help to recover dry and flaky skin. While going to bed, just apply Vaseline on the bare skin of your foot and also may cover with fuzzy socks if you want. When you wake up in the early morning, then see the results.

2) Useful for keeping perfume from fading 

    Just apply Vaseline on your wrist and behind your ears before spraying any perfume, which will help to make it last longer than before.  When you are using heavy or rocking faux lashes for a big event, then it becomes challenging to remove or pull out. Just rub a small amount of vaseline on your lash-line, and then falsies will come out much more accessible. 

3) Vaseline jelly to remove eyelash glue 

                 When you are applying heavy or rocking faux lashes for a big event, then it becomes challenging to remove or pull out. Just rub a small amount of vaseline on your lash-line, and then falsies will come out much more relaxed. 

4) Perfect your mani

    Just apply a thin line of vaseline around your nails while using nail paint, then it becomes easier to apply nail paint to your nails, and it helps to prevent your nail paint from spreading on fingers.  

vaseline jelly perfect for manicure

5) Make your legs shiny and glow.

              Mix the petroleum jelly with your favorite bronze, and just apply on your legs. It gives a perfect look for a party, and your legs become shiny and glowing.

6) Get thicker eyelash 

  When you apply Vaseline jelly to your eyelids before going to bed, then it works like magic to make your eyelashes thicker, and you don’t need any mascara to use. Make sure you take only a small amount of vaseline, and it becomes a voluminous look as its results.

lip balm

7) Helpful to save your nail paint 

   Just you need to spread vaseline with earbuds around the inside of the polish lid for a super-easy opening next time you use it.

8) Put the pierced earring in more easily. 

  Sometimes it becomes hard to wear or to get them into the hole, and it hurts a lot. Rub vaseline on your lobes (hanging part of the earring), and you can also use a small amount of vaseline on your ear, then it becomes easier to do that. 

9) Useful to hide split ends 

  Many people suffer from this situation just because of pollution and not having proper diet plans. So it works on hairs to hide fried strands (hairs), and you can fake smooth ends until you get a haircut. 

10) DIY lip stains 

  You should mix a packet of Kool-aid (like cherry) with a tablespoon of vaseline as lip balm, then jelly or balm will give you a red lip that lasts. 

11) Protect your skin from hair dye 

    When you are coloring your hair, then it becomes hard to manage it from spreading on your forehead or around your neck. Rib the vaseline on your forehead and neck or also around the ears and then it blocks the color from seeping into your skin, so apply vaseline first then hair color.

12) Helpful to tame your brows 

   Vaseline helps to order unruly (disorderly) eyebrows by smoothing vaseline over your arches. They want to move all day long and become shinier.

13) Highlight your cheeks and eyelids 

    Using a bit of vaseline jelly is super affordable to get the dewy look when you don’t have highlighted handy. Dab it on your brow bones, lids, or the apples of your cheeks; then, it gives you a classy look. And you can also apply vaseline mix with eyeshadows for using it on cheeks and on the eyelids. Want more about vaseline hacks! Stay tuned.

14) Prevent scars from forming

  If you accidentally burn yourself and you don’t have first aid in an urgent situation, then you can apply vaseline here, but note that you can use it when you just burn a little (like iron press); otherwise, consult your doctor. It helps over the wound minimize future scarring. 

15) Hydrating face cream

   It’s not as cosmetically elegant as your usual face creams, but it is a great heavy-duty moisturizer and works in dry weather to heal your skin.

16) Lip balm 

   The best use of vaseline is for your dry and flaky lips. Use a lip balm (small amount of vaseline) before going to bed, and it gives 100% results in just one night. You can see the effect the next morning. It works as a primer to your lips and saves them from harsh weather. Dry air, cold temperatures, and wind all have a drying effect on the skin, and lip balm helps to protect your lips.

17) Helpful to remove eye makeup 

              It is beneficial to remove eye makeup in just one minute. Just take the small amount of vaseline on your fingers or cotton and just rub it on your eyelids to remove makeup easily. You can also use it as lip balm or to remove lipstick from lips.

18) Tame flyaways 

  It can help to tame those flyways by brushing them with a small amount of vaseline on the brush.

19) To last longer moisturizer/ body lotion

    Just mix the vaseline jelly with your moisturizer or body lotion to make it last longer throughout the day.

20) Remove Fine Lines

   Put some vaseline around your eyes before going to bed to sleep; then, it prevents fine lines.

21) DIY lip Scrub 

   Mix a considerable amount of vaseline jelly with a small amount of sugar to make the scrub for the lips, which will help to remove dead skin from lips and moisturize them. You can also use it as a lip balm to protect your lips.

To know more about vaseline hacks you can also watch this video.

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