Hi I am Arpan Sharma , from Punjab, India. I am a management graduate and have been working as a Digital Marketer. I started a Top beauty hacks blog in 2020. Beauty, Health, Fashion, Lifestyle and Makeup are my personal obsessions and to share my passion with like-minded people I decided to start this blog. 


I am absolutely and obviously NOT a makeup artist. I love skin care, and being healthy. I love to pamper myself and obviously love makeup, Fashion and all things related to Lifestyle. 


For PR requests/ readers queries write to me at: arpan@topbeautyhacks.com

Alternatively you can find me through gmail- arpansharmas303@gmail.com 


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Note: If anyone approaches you pretending to be me from any id other than that is above mentioned , ignore her or contact me. I wouldn’t be responsible for any fam page / loss caused by the imposter.

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