10 Bedroom Decor Ideas to Make it Look Luxurious

Bedroom Decor Ideas

A bedroom is a haven where you can retreat from the stresses of everyday life. Sure, you want your bedroom’s ideas to reflect your taste. However, you must ensure that it functions as the retreat you deserve.

It can be as simple as adding new lamps to transform a bedroom from drab to luxurious, or it can be a bit more involved. It’s almost like an ornate accent wall. But don’t worry if you can’t pinpoint what yours requires; that’s exactly what we’re here for!

There’s a collection of tips for the best luxury bedroom decor ideas, so you can finally find that perfect design. 

Let’s take a look at all the decorating bedroom ideas.

1. Dress Your Walls in Elegance

Dress Your Walls in Elegance - bedroom decor ideas

Bare white walls in a bedroom can feel harsh rather than luxurious unless you’re going for an ultra-minimalist look. To give your bedroom a warmer, more designed look, use some paint or wallpaper.

2. Choose a Standout Headboard

Choose a Standout Headboard

Adding a luxurious-looking headboard to your bedroom is a surefire way to up the glam factor. It doesn’t have to be expensive to be lovely, but it should have a standout feature. These may include a bold color, a unique shape, impressive height, or an elegant fabric like linen or velvet. This is one of the best bedroom decor ideas for your living room. 

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3. Feature Glamorous Lighting

Glamorous Lighting - bedroom decor ideas

Whether it’s a ceiling fixture, table lamps, or pendants, statement lighting ups the opulence factor. You could go with a gleaming institution of light, such as gold, glass, or crystals. Choosing one with a large or unusual shape can also add to the room’s upscale appearance. This feature is becoming a necessity for people day by day, so it’s affordable bedroom decor ideas. 

4. Add Stylish Seating

add stylish seating in your bedroom

Consider adding an accent chair or bench to an unused space near a window nook, beside a nightstand, or in front of your bed. From a practical standpoint, it will provide you with a place to sit and read. It can also offer a place to store some clothing temporarily.

This styling trick is frequently seen in boutique hotels from an aesthetic standpoint. This is because they provide an opportunity to add a unique design element to their space.

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5. Upgrade Your Hardware

There’s no reason to keep the hardware that came with your nightstands and dresser. On the contrary, replacing hardware is a cost-effective and straightforward way to improve the look of your room. In addition, there are numerous options for customization: Crystal, gemstones, copper, and a slew of other materials are just a few examples.

6. Pile on the Pillows

Pile on the Pillows

Many images of drool-worthy bedrooms with an almost embarrassing amount of throw pillows on the bed are found on the internet. The look is completed with oversized Euro-size pillows, regular sleeping, and a few smaller pillows.

The rule of thumb is that all of these pillows shouldn’t take up more than a quarter of the bed length to avoid an overstuffed look. In addition, you can select throw pillows made of high-end fabrics like silk, velvet, or faux fur for an ultra-luxurious look.

7. Frame Your Bed with Mirrors

Frame Your Bed with Mirrors

Designers use a mirror above each nightstand, behind any lamp or pendant light, to add a little glitz to a room. This gives the bed wall a glitzy appearance while also adding depth to the room, making it ideal for small spaces.

Choose a mirror with a unique feature, like a gilded finish or an unusual shape. Even the most uninteresting bedroom will benefit from the additional design element.

8. Raise the Curtains

Raise the Curtains in bedroom decor ideas

Bedrooms that are small and boxy rarely appear to be expensive. If this is the case, raise the curtains to create a few more spaces.

The drapes hang to the floor, and the curtain rod is mounted just an inch below the ceiling line. The entire room appears to have grown in size. It also has a more luxurious appearance.

9. Level up the Lampshades

Lampshades that are plain Jane and uninteresting don’t appear to be expensive. Likewise, old, faded, stained, or fraying lampshades do not appear to be costly. So why not give your bedside lamp a makeover? 

It’s easy to find brand-new, attractive, and exciting lamp shades at low prices. Look for a rich-hued shade, one with a pleasing pattern or metallic accents, for a touch of luxury. Lampshades rimmed with faux flowers, pompoms, or decoupage are fun in the fitting room but keep the look classic. They have no place in the opulent bedroom.

10. Choose Glitzy Nightstands

Choose Glitzy Nightstands in bedroom decor ideas

It is impossible to overestimate the importance of night tables in the bedroom. Many of them, however, have a realistic design and can become cluttered with your necessities.

To give your bedroom a royal makeover, start by decluttering your nightstand. Remove all unnecessary papers and items, leaving only lighting, a book, and perhaps a small vase of flowers.

Replacing your current nightstand with a luxurious finish, such as a mirror or shagreen, is the next step. Finally, choose a piece with reflective hardware, such as crystal or brass, for a more subtle look.

Pro tip- Add Greenery

Add Greenery in your bedroom

Adding some greenery is always the quickest and easiest way to transform your room from “average” to “expensive-looking.”

It’s entirely up to you how this manifests itself. Is that a giant fern? Do you have any small potted plants on your dresser? Adding a few plants, no matter how small, can help a room make the final transition to luxury.

The Bottom line 

You can use these suggestions to decorate your living room and achieve the best results. You can leave a comment below if you have any bedroom decor ideas. We’ll upgrade it or include it in future articles.