What are the Causes For Excessive Facial Hair In Women

Causes For Excessive Facial Hair 

Did you recognize that a Sikh lady named Harnaam Kaur holds the globe record because of the youngest lady with a full beard? Facial hair in ladies may be a real thing. And whereas some ladies have created their peace with it associated with it and even created it an extension of their temperament a la Harnaam, most folks lesser mortals still notice it tough to tolerate the embarrassment. However, to cure yourself of hirsutism (that’s the important term for excess female body hair), you wish to understand the causes behind it. And trust me, being premenopausal isn’t the sole reason. Let’s take a glance at a couple of alternative causes below.

If you’re somebody who is continually troubled by facial hair, look not any for the solution! In this article, we take a detailed look at the major causes of excessive facial hair and also go over the many solutions to the problem. Since this can be a problem that plagues many ladies nowadays, there are myriad solutions to the condition of the beard in ladies. Let us move on and look at why some women have unwanted hair growth on their face, neck, and chest and what they can do to cure it.


While high levels of testosterone are sometimes answerable for this phenomenon in ladies, another common reason behind excessive Facial Hair among young women is PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome). This disorder is liable for increasing your androgenic hormone levels and inflicting irregular periods furthermore as polycystic ovaries.


  • Excessive body and facial hair
  • Trouble in conceiving
  • Pelvic pain 
  • Trouble in conceiving
  • Irregular periods
  • Patches of darker or thicker skin

2. Obesity

If you’re obese, the likelihood is your testosterone levels are going to be beyond alternative ladies, therefore inflicting hirsuteness. Excess fat within the abdominal region also can affect your hormone resistance and consequently amplify the assembly of androgen. That may become the reason for excessive Facial Hair.


3. Hormonal Imbalance

Disorders related to secretion imbalances area unit the maximum amount to blame for hirsutism because the two mentioned on top of. These disorders largely influence your pituitary or adrenal glands and cause the excess secretion of testosterone. Such disorders include:

Adrenal hyperplasia –  This disorder is characterized by inflamed adrenal glands and ends up in the production of male hormones.

Pituitary adenomasThis is often a non-cancerous tumor that secretes the hormone referred to as prolactin. This hormone causes the enhanced production of androgens.

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4. Tumors

Few tumors will create hirsutism. Solely those who influence your pituitary and adrenal glands are accountable. However, sometimes, tumors in your ovaries, digestive tract, or lungs can even cause hirsutism. This happens because these tumors will enhance the secretion of androgens in your body.

5. Medication

The last reason for your hirsuteness may be the medications you are taking. Medicines like contraception pills that contain Lipo-Lutin or anabolic steroids will play disturbance on your internal secretion levels, giving rise to the fuzz on your face, neck, chest, and abdomen.


Your doctor can assist you to verify the precise reason for your hirsuteness. However, once you discover what’s inflicting it, don’t delay the treatment. Several ways in which you’ll combat hirsuteness are given within the section below.

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Ways To Combat Hirsutism

Hirsutism isn’t incurable and may be treated with the proper strategies that square measure most fitted for your case. These Strategies will vary from medication to diet changes. Read on to understand a few treatment strategies for excessive Facial Hair.

1. Hormone Therapy Or Medicine 

Medicines, like Florentine cream, or secretion therapy are often appropriate treatments if your symptoms seem out of the blue. As an example, if you suddenly feel that your voice has become grave, otherwise you have developed an excess quantity of hair inbound components of your body, or if your periods have stopped, you’ll wish to consult a doctor and get the proper medication for your symptoms.

2. Hair Removal Methods

If your facial hair growth isn’t out of control, you’ll merely use hair removal ways to induce elimination. Ways like waxing and shaving are simple and may be done safely. However, you ought to watch out and solely use those products that get rid of hair from sensitive areas. If you would like a permanent answer, optical maser hair removal could be a smart possibility.

hair removal methods

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3. Exercise And Diet 

You know that fatness and PCOS area unit probable causes for your hirsutism. To mend this, you’ll be able to shed the additional pounds with the help of the correct diet and exercise. This is often an effective method.

Exercise And Diet 

4. Herbal Remedies

If you want to urge eliminate your hirsutism naturally, flavored remedies are the way to go. Consistent with Unani, you’ll stride spearmint and neem to cure yourself of this disorder as they‘re loaded with anti-androgen properties. In fact, analysis backs the effectiveness of spearmint during this regard and found that a cup of mint double each day will bring down testosterone levels to an excellent extent. Different studies show that nutgrass and saw palmetto are effective choices to treat hirsutism. However, before you are trying these remedies for, it’s important that you just consult your doctor.

herbal remedies

If you possess excessive Facial Hair, don’t be the pit of depression. Bear in mind that with the mix of the correct treatment ways, you’ll overcome this obstacle and be your stunning self as continually.

Cushing syndrome– The explanation for neurologist| Harvey Williams Cushing| neurologist| Brain doctor} syndrome are tumors placed either within the adrenal or pituitary gland.

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Some commonly asked questions:-

1. Does plucking chin hair make it grow more?

Plucking will take away the whole hair from the follicle if done properly. It is not permanent, however, it’ll take longer for the hair to grow back as opposition shaving.

plucking excessive facial hair

If you frequently remove the excessive facial hair from the follicle with plucking or waxing over time, there could also be a reduction within the extent of hair produced there.

2. Is facial hair normal in females?

The presence of facial and hair is natural for ladies. However, the consistency of the hair is typically very fine and light. With hirsutism, hair sprouts during a thick, dark, and coarse male-type pattern and might be seen on a woman’s: face.

3. Is it normal to have hair on your breasts and stomach?

Excess hair in females is understood medically as hirsuteness. It will occur for a range of reasons and most ordinarily can produce thick, coarse hair on the chin, upper lip, chest (including around the nipples and between the breasts), and on the lower abdomen and shoulders. The causes of this condition vary.