Simple Diwali Decoration ideas

Simple Diwali Decoration ideas for your home | New Ideas you should try 

Diwali is a festival of love and happiness. Diwali decoration ideas bring the picture of a beautiful courtyard to people’s minds and bring a new look to your home. So, Now Diwali is around the corner, and all people are cleaning their homes and thinking of gifts and clothes. Many online stores offer great deals to customers. So, without any delay, Let’s begin with simple Diwali decoration ideas for your home. 

1. Main door decoration 

Main door decoration for diwali decoration ideas

Let’s begin the Diwali decoration from the front main door of your home. In Indian culture or festivals, the main door of the house has a special significance. There’s a story of Ram-Seeta’s entrance to Ayodhya after leaving for 14 years. 

People bring the lights and floors into the entrance of their doors. So, you can use flowers, diyas, a band hangar (toran), and lamps.

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2. Hula Hoops chandelier 

Hula Hoops chandelier for diwali decoration ideas

It is the simplest to add to the list of Diwali decoration ideas. You need to tie the lights of your favorite color around the hula hoop. It brings a festive mood into the room. 

Moreover, you can also use this idea in your living room. Duet lights can also provide the party look indoors or outdoors of your house. So, this Diwali, decorate or glam up your house with this fantastic idea. 

3. Overlay strings lights around the windows or doors

Overlay strings lights around the windows or doors

Another rocking idea for Diwali decoration is to cover or drape lights around the windows and your doors. It would be the best or quick option for those who are truly busy with their work. 

This idea will work outside or inside your room, so what do you want to do and how. This will provide a twinkle and soft glow to your home on this Diwali. 

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4. Thread lanterns 

Thread lanterns for diwali decoration ideas

This is one of the oldest or craziest ways for any decoration. You can add this method to the catalog of Diwali decoration ideas. Trust me; it is the most incredible way to decorate your home. These types of lanterns provide an unbelievably magnificent look to your home when you add the lights into it. 

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So, now is the time to bring back your childhood days again. All you need to make this is glue, a balloon, water, a bowl, and cotton yarn. This Diwali creates your decoration items with just a few things.

Steps you should follow to make lanterns are- 

  1. Mix a little water with glue into a bowl. 
  2. Dip the yarn into that bowl.
  3. Then take the blown balloon and wrap the yarn around the balloon tightly. 
  4. Let the balloon dry and then burst the balloon and take it off from the lantern. 
  5. Insert the light into the lantern and hang it where you want. 

5. Paper cup lights

Paper cup lights for diwali decoration ideas

This is another simple way for the Diwali decoration ideas. You need to make a crisscross cut under the base of the paper cup and put the lights through them. 

So, this will not even look great but also provide a different appearance to your room. Moreover, it also provides the look of lampshades while hanging. 

6. Bangle lampshades

Bangle lampshades for diwali decoration ideas

If you have broken or just useless bangles, then now it’s time to use them creatively. You need to collect all the different color bangles and join them one over the other with the glue. Now, it looks like a gorgeous lampshade for Diwali night. 

If you have glass bangles, then it is good as they resist the heat. Moreover, these are reusable, and you can use them in the future as well. This is one of the best ideas from the list of Diwali decoration ideas. 

So, hopefully, you will love this article. However, you can also share this with your friends and family members so that they can bring the new atmosphere into their homes.