Trends for Holi 2021

holi festival 2021

Trends for Holi 2021 and what to wear

Holi, also known as the “Festival of Love,” is an ancient Hindu religious festival celebrated throughout India. Holi allows young lovers to express their love while surrounded by a rainbow of colours. But what do you put on?

On this festival, wearing an old white kurtas-salwar kameez is frowned upon. People are becoming more conscious about fashion and style, and the day has come a long way from traditional whites. Holi outfits have already transformed. Here are some fashion and style suggestions for Holi 2021.

1. Clothing that is brightly coloured this Holi

Why stick to the simple white when Holi means a splash of colour?

Wear fun accessories, such as a brightly coloured belt or shoes, to add colour to your outfit.

The colour yellow, which is an excellent alternative to traditional white symbolise spring.

Floral prints are popular right now, and they’re a great way to celebrate Holi 2021 in style.

Holi 2021

2. Nothing clingy or stiff.

Wear a loose t-shirt or funky pyjamas if you prefer comfort. This will ensure that all the colours thrown at you stand out, so you will not be overheated. When you get wet, some clothes may become sheer or stick to your body, so be careful about what you wear.

3. Cotton that isn’t too hard

Cotton is the perfect fabric to wear this season because it keeps you cool. The sun will scorch, particularly with this year’s late Holi. Keep this in mind when selecting your Holi attire, which should be loose and lightweight cotton. This means that your clothes don’t sag even though they’re drenched in paint and sweat. Wearing a shirt and linen pants is the perfect way to cover yourself from the light. A full-sleeved kurta and palazzos are a perfect fit for ladies.

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4. Funky footwear

The attire for Holi 2021 can range from formal to wacky. Sandals are the fittest choice when it comes to boots. Because you’ll get wet, don’t wear heels or anything else that will make you slip or feel awkward. We recommend a fun, colourful pair of flip-flops that are also easy to clean.

5. Ethnic wear

If you’re looking for some ethnic Indian clothing, the classic combination of a long kurta and leggings is a good option. This one will never go out of vogue for this festival. A white Kurti and jeans are also wonderful choices because they give you a trendy yet comfortable look.

Holi 2021 attire varies depending on the occasion. Wearing fashionable clothing may also protect one from poisonous colours. On this festival, white serves as a canon, and the colourful Gulal can paint an excellent portrait of colours on you by expelling positive energy. You can protect your hair by tying a printed stole around your head.

In 2021, don’t be afraid to wear something you’ve never worn before during this festival. Styling for the festival is a significant undertaking. Still, once you’ve completed it, you can open your heart, let the colours illuminate your soul, and immerse yourself in the tranquilly of vibrant hues. Have a wonderful Holi!

6. Cover yourself

Apply oil to the entire body. We’re talking about your whole body. Your hair, ears, arms, and legs, to name a few. You’ll have a safer chance of getting the paint off at the end of the day if you do this. Coconut or almond oil is recommended, so bring some with you or buy some when you arrive. Cover your head if you have light-coloured hair (and don’t care if it turns pink for the rest of your trip). Wearing a shower cap – a Louvelle Shower Turban is a wise option that really works – or ties your hair back and wraps a scarf around your head.

Nowadays, because of COVID” 19, every person should take care of themselves, and the Gujrat Deputy CM doesn’t allow for ‘Holika Dahan” and is denied for Holi celebration. So, every person should follow the rules as per the government guidelines on Holi 2021.