Krishna Janmashtami Decoration Ideas in 2021

Janmashtami decoration ideas in 2021

Janmashtami Decoration Ideas at Home

Krishna Janmashtami represents the birth of Krishna as the eighth avatar of Vishnu, according to Hindu mythology. This is an Indian festival where devotees celebrate this auspicious day with great zeal. People called Krishna with several names, and they buy beautiful clothes and flowers and lights for the decoration. The day is celebrated with enthusiasm worldwide; they play handi competitions and dance on Krishna Lila or Rasila.

After the covid, social distancing becomes compulsory for all, and you might be wondering about how to celebrate this festival. Although, there are some other ways to celebrate Janmashtami to decorate home. 

Being the eighth avatar of Lord Vishnu, Krishna is also known as the supreme god of Hinduism. The captivating smile, his teachings and serenity on his face makes him the most lovable god. However, he is also captured as the god of love. So, this Janmashtami, you can bring him home and decor your pooja room extremely special.

Let’s begin with the trendy Janmashtami decoration ideas. 

1. Welcoming the Lord Home

Janmashtami decoration ideas for 2021

Firstly, bring lord Krishna idol to your home to celebrate Janmashtami 2021. You can choose models that are made with natural stones, marbles, metals (brass). The most prominent thing is an outfit, so don’t forget to acquire different costumes and accessories like a crown (mukut), earrings, flute, bed, Jhula, bracelets, etc. 

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2. Decorate Your Home Entrance 

Don’t limit your decorations to pooja rooms if you’re celebrating the holiday at home this year. A few minor adjustments can give your home a bright, festive feel.

You can add marigold flowers, leaf garlands and lightning in the entry room. Bring a happy vibe with the bright cushion and sheets for a festive and lively feel. Sprinkle some flowery smells around the house to help spread the good vibes!

3. Jhula  Janmashtami decoration ideas 

Jhula  Janmashtami decoration ideas

As I discussed above, Jhula (cradle) is also important for this day as it is the specific set of lord Krishna. For Krishna, people decorate the cradle (jhula) with flowers. The idol of Krishna on the cradle represents the birth of little Krishna. There are several types of Jhula presented in the market. You can also create a DIY cradle for the lord Krishna if you don’t want to leave the house. A cardboard box, cloth, and a few trinkets are all you’ll need. There are numerous videos available to help you through the procedure.

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4. Adding a ‘handi’ to Your Pooja Room

handi decoration ideas for janmashtami 2021

Well, Some people don’t consider the festival complete without a handi. This process is related to Lord Krishna, as he mischiefs; his love for breaking handies and getting butter is eternal. The earthen pots are also called handies. 

These little hands symbolise Lord Krishna’s affection for buttercream and his endearing mischief.  You can decorate your small pooja room with ornaments like mirrors, flowers, ribbons, fairy lights when you put the small handi. This is another one from the list of Janmashtami decoration ideas.

5. Some Flowers and Lights

flowers and lights for Janmashtami 2021

Make sure to decor the handi and cradle with lights and flowers, and ribbons. The flowers are the most common method of decoration at any festival. Lord Krishan loves flowers like Mogra and jasmine. You can wrap the flowers around his cradle. To brighten up the pooja area, use fairy lights.

You can use colours like blue, yellow, white, pink, etc. You can also use some decorative dupattas as drapes in your pooja room to provide a lovely touch. With this, you are confident the decoration is going well.

6. Rangoli

Rangoli decoration for Janmashtami decoration ideas

Rangoli is one of the traditional methods to celebrate any Indian festival. This tradition is the most excellent way to greet the visitors, and it’s also ideal for many festivals. Create a unique and straightforward colourful rangoli next to your entry room to welcome Lord Krishna. These are the best Janmashtami decoration ideas. 

7. Decorate Bansuris

Decorate Bansuris on Janmashtami 2021

As you know, Lord Krishna enjoyed playing the flute (bansuri). He composed music that delighted his peers and acquaintances. You can select a couple of flutes and embellish them with brocades, stones and mirrors. You can add those flutes by hanging them and place them near the temple. Temples will surely add flavour to your Janmashtami celebrations in India.

What’s More 

Top Beauty Hacks wishes you and your family a happy and safe Janmashtami! Indeed, your Janmashtami celebration would be different this time, but don’t lose your spirit and decorate your pooja room and welcome lord Krishna. Hopefully, you enjoy the Janmashtami decoration ideas and are ready to implement all these. 

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