9 Essential Tips For a Happy Long Distance Relationship 

long distance relationship

Is he/she worth waiting for months?

Do the couple have the same feelings for each other?

Does my boyfriend/ girlfriend care for my feelings?

Long distance relationships are tough to maintain for most people. A long distance relationship has some complications, and it is a very challenging part for people. Some people can successfully run their relationship while they may have some issues. 

Some people end their relationship with an unbearable feeling that kills them from the inner heart and replaces them with bad memories. 

Let’s dive into the best nine tips that can assist you in making your long distance relationship work. 

1. Set some rules to manage your expectations

Your mind should be clear about what you expect from your long distance relationship. Firstly you should set some ground rules to make your relationship worthy. 

For instance, what would be the communication level? Is it okay to go with another person on a date? So, it is essential and better to open with each other on all things. 

2. Avoid over-communicating

Being overly “sticky” and possessive is not a good idea. You don’t have to communicate 24 hours a day to keep your relationship going. Many couples believe that they must reimburse for the distance by making the extra effort. It is not correct. And it may only make matters worse. You’d grow tired of “loving” in no time.

Keep in mind that less is more. It’s all about teasing at the correct times and pulling at the right places.

3. Accept technological advancements

Send a text to your partner during the day to know that you are thinking about him/her. When it is possible, then go for skype or video calling. If you both are on social media, post pictures of the times you’ve had together, so you can reminisce and renew your commitment to others in your lives.

4. Do things together

You can play online games together in your free time. Youtube or Vimeo are the best options to watch movies and documentaries simultaneously. You can sing for each other on video calling, and one of you can play guitar if someone knows. 

Do things for each other, “take a walk together” with online shopping, and purchase each other’s gifts. 

5. Be honest about your struggle

Be open about your feelings of being apart, but keep in mind that you don’t want your partner to feel guilty about it. Make sure that this is only a minor part of your interactions with one another.

You should not be afraid to express your worries and struggles as a result of your separation. Recognize your thoughts and feelings. You and your partner may interpret it as another way of saying “I love you” or as an invitation to discuss how to make changes. Unless there is something you can do about it, you don’t want this to be the main topic of any conversation with the person you love.

6. Be trusting and avoid jealousy

When you’re not together, it’s easy to let your thoughts wander. Do not ask jealous questions to contaminate your bond. Find ways to relax your mind. When you’re in a good mood, talk about any concerns you may have, and remember that most people find these relationships difficult.

7. Understand each other’s schedules

To know each other, you can send text messages to each other without noticing the time. You don’t want to wake up your partner in the middle of a class or the middle of a business meeting. Know about the small and big events in each other’s lives, such as college midterms and exams, necessary business trips and meetings, job interviews, and so on. It is imperative if you and your partner live in different time zones.

8. Talk dirty with each other

One of the most important aspects of a relationship is sexual tension. Sexual desire acts as a glue that holds both parties together and prevents them from drifting apart. Not only is sex a physical requirement, but it is also an emotional one.

long distance relationship

Send each other teasing texts filled with sexual innuendos and provocative descriptions to keep the fires burning. Sexy puns are also effective.

9. Be happy 

Even if you are not together, find ways to be happy. Don’t wait to be together to enjoy your happiness in life.

People are not happy because of their relationships. People make their happiness over-communicating. Happier people are more enjoyable to be around. Find ways to make yourself comfortable and enjoy your life to contribute positive energy when you connect or are together.

Some frequently asked questions

Do long-distance relationships work?

It all depends on the couple, as the long-distance partner is still a person, and distance makes them less personal. By maintaining open communication and frequent talk with positive emotions.  

How long should you be in (LDR) a long distance relationship?

According to a recent study, the average shelf life of a long distance relationship is 4.5 months, which isn’t exactly inspiring. However, some people have been in long-distance relationships for years.

Do long-distance relationships last?

Long-distance relationships can last until a couple finds a way to be together or decides to call it quits. They can live for a long time, but that doesn’t mean they’re healthy, prosperous, or even worth it. Some couples endure long distance relationships only to break up shortly after their reunion.

How do you maintain a long distance relationship?

You can follow all the simple steps given above to maintain a healthy long distance relationship. 

Should you communicate every day in a long-distance relationship?

When you’re in an LDR, you might believe that talking every day is a must. Experts say it’s not necessary, and it could even be harmful to your relationship. You don’t have to communicate all of the time.