Top amazing makeup looks in 2021

Top amazing makeup looks 

Top amazing makeup looks 

No foundation

Yes, you heard right, makeup looks without foundation. Today’s I’m gonna share makeup looks to you for which you don’t need foundation at all. Well, a lot of you have been facing acne and other skin issues because of the heavy base which we apply on the face regularly.

So I assumed why to bring no foundation search for you on this festive season after outfits post.

Tip- Using foundation will make your skin dull and it feels lifeless.

Stop using the foundation right away.

No foundation

The results: – After you stop exploitation foundation, the results you’ll appear in one week. Your skin can regain, naturally lovely and you’ll feel superb along with your skin. 

Talk about in internment, you’ll be able to see the ends up in your skin.

So let’s get started with top 5 amazing makeup looks:-

1) Less is additional

Yes, as I’m talking higher than regarding no foundation in your gala makeup look which can assist you to produce a definite look along with your naturally glowing skin. 

To get no foundation look you only want a concealer to hide all of your issues space which suggests dark or lightweight spots. 

no makeup look

Add blusher of any lightweight and natural shade that provides an ideal makeup look and don’t forget to use any lip gloss which you want.

Tip- Before the application of lipstick, apply moisturizer to your lips, which helps to prevent cracks.

2) Pink makeup look

The pink glow makeup look is one amongst the favorite appearance for several beauties, I am additionally enclosing in it. 

You can use highlighter, eyeshadow, glitter, and lipstick, then operating it all at once. 

pink makeup look

If you don’t want to use pink eye makeup, then you can use the only blusher and light pink lipstick for a perfect look. 

  • Pink eye makeup- pink eye makeup is one of the most intimidating and challenging colors to pull off for makeup beginners and experienced beauty lovers. You can use pink eyeshadow into your daily makeup routine for a softer and more natural look.
  • Pink eyeliner right – you can also use pink eyeliner, but also apply a darker shade of eyeliner such as brown, gray or black to your waterline and inside the rim of your eyelid to prevent the lab-rat look.
  • Apply the right tone of pink (warm versus cool) – pink comes in warm and cool tones and it’s essential to know which type pink time works best with your skin tone and complexion.

pink makeup look

To find this, you can experiment with both effects.

As a general rule, those with blue eyes should wear cool-toned pink eye makeup with purple undertones. 

Those who are having brown or green eyes should wear warm-toned pink eye makeup with orange or red undertones. 

3) Bronze looks

 The bronze look is almost favorite for everybody one and if you also love it too, then this look is for you. 

Bronzer makeup looks great for all types of complexions. Especially in the summers, a bronzer makeup look will compliment you. It’s just natural and very sultry, which is perfect for the summer look.

Summer becomes tan and with that, you can highlight your features and create sparkly eyes that look sexy and sultry. 

bronze makeup look


  1. Prep your skin with makeup primer and apply a lightweight foundation with a blender.
  2. Apply liquid bronzer on your temples, jawline, the hollow of your cheeks, the sides of your nose, and set the liquid with a powder bronzer.
  3. You can use a bronze blush that can enhance your makeup look.
  4. Use bronze highlighter into your cheekbones, cupid’s bow, and the tip of your nose for the perfect dose of bronze shimmer.
  5. Set your makeup with a radiant setting spray.
  6. For eyes, you can use matte nude shadow and blend the color into the crease and apply eyeliner and coat your lashes with mascara.
  7. Use the nude lip liner to outline and apply bronze lipstick and give a finish with a shimmering lip gloss.
  8. Pop up some highlighter on the cupid’s bow and you’re ready to pucker up.

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4) Bold looks

Love heavy base? Then this look is for you gorgeous.

  1) Red lip-

 This makeup look is very easy to achieve a bold look.

red lip


  1. Start by lining your lips with a lip liner on the brink of your natural lip color.
  2. Take your favorite red lipstick and then fill it into your lips where you can choose a softer version of a bright red-orange and intense shade of red and matte colors.

    2) Cat Eye-

    This look is always in fashion and trendy nowadays. Most of the beauties struggling with cat-eye makeup, but there are lots of tricks that how to apply eyeliner. As I said winged eyeliner is tricky to achieve, but when you mastered once, you never want to go back to another type. 

cat eye


  1. Use a damp brush dipped in black eyeshadow, eyeliner pencil, liquid eyeliner, or gel liner. Even if you make mistakes, you can change this into a smoky look by smudging the line.
  2. Smoky eyes are another bold makeup look that you love.

smokey eyes

         Directions for smoky eyes:

  1. Pickup the three shades of eyeshadow color, using three lighter tones in the middle of your eye and ending with black by your eyeliner flick on the outside.
  2. Blending is most important when it comes to going bold eyeshadow, so you can use your fingers to smudge any harsh lines.

    3) Colored eyeliner-

    For the more exotic look, you can add colored eyeliner instead of black for the top and bottom eyelids.

colored eyeliner


  1. Pick a shade that either matches or complements with your outfit, to make the brighter color more wearable, you can also pair them with natural eyeliner.

 For example: If you would like to use green, purple, and blue eyeliner on your lower lashes than apply black and brown liner on the higher lash lines.

   4) Defines brows-

   Finally, finish your makeup look with some bold brows.

defines brows


  1. You can use a brow pomade, brow powder, a brow pencil, or powder eye shadow and your shade for this should be brown not darker! Start by filling your brows, then exaggerating your arch and length.

5) “No makeup” makeup look

 This is a more gravitate makeup look, and nowadays many celebrities uploads their pictures on social sites by using #nomakeup. 

no makeup look


  1. First, you need to prime your face with primer after cleansing, toner, and serum and moisturizer because this is the correct path to flawless looking skin.
  2. Use lightweight concealer and target only that area where you need it.
  3. Now focus on your brows, use clear brow gel, and a clean brush. Brush the brows upwards, to get a lift, and swoop the tail end of the brow down into place to achieve a more natural arch.
  4. Now it’s time to highlight, use a cream-based highlighter that helps to achieve a more natural highlighted feel. Place it on the highest points of cheekbones to create a lift.
  5. Choose a cream blush for a natural flush to the cheeks and use a small amount, start with the apple of the cheek and blend upward towards the hairline.
  6. Last but not the least, add a pop of color to your lips with lip gloss. 

You can follow these simple makeup looks for every occasion or festival and look fantastic.